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Welcome to the revolution of the best PC file, folder, and program protection ever available. You will never see PC protection like this again with over 100 well known hackers that beta tested the software and were unable to get through this security. I am proud to announce that Forever Safe will be available extremely soon on my website as well as www.cnet.com and softonic.com.

Look at the cutting edge features:

Forever Safe has the power to protect any form of file extension.

  • Protect files, folders, and programs on any removable drives such as external hard drives and USB’s
  • Any protected file, folder, or program cannot be deleted or copied without your password
  • Never worry about remembering your password again, simply remember your pattern and you will never have the same password twice.
  • You can even protect intruders from accessing your web browser.
  • 2 amazing levels of security.
  • Intruders cannot uninstall Forever Safe as it doesn’t show up in your program list.
  • Even running your PC in safe mode the protection is air tight.


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