Get ready to experience the most advanced PC file, folder, and program security. Let’s take a walk through the initial set up after installing the state of the art security your PC has been waiting for.

After installing the software:

Step 1:



Simply fill in your password recovery information, email address, and choose your pin code at least 6 characters long for your first layer of security.


Step 2:


Follow our tutorial to choose any pattern you desire in which your password will generate in the order of your selected pattern for your  second layer of security.



Step 3:


After your pattern is set and you’re ready to roll, simply right click on any file, folder, or program and click secure with Forever Safe and you’re all set.


Forever Safe has the power to protect any form of file extension.

  • Protect files, folders, and programs on any removable drives such as external hard drives and USB’s
  • Any protected file, folder, or program cannot be deleted or copied without your password
  • Never worry about remembering your password again, simply remember your pattern and you will never have the same password twice.
  • You can even protect intruders from accessing your web browser.
  • 2 amazing levels of security.
  • Intruders cannot uninstall Forever Safe as it doesn’t show up in your program list.
  • Even running your PC in safe mode the protection is air tight.
  • If an intruder attempts to crack your security, Forever Safe instantly emails you a webcam photo of your intruder for you to catch them red handed.



I hope you enjoy the best PC security that the world has ever seen. Try it FREE for my 7 day trial and if you love the security software simply purchase a 1 time upgrade fee of $19.99 that will be yours to own Forever with tons of updates to follow. I appreciate all feedback and suggestions so feel free to hit me up in the contact section and ENJOY.

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