PC’s Password Protection Software Forever Safe Walkthrough


Huge week for Forever Safe v1.8 over on Cnet.com landing on the 2nd page in their security section. Stay tuned and check back in as we will set up another giveaway soon.





In light of our biggest update yet to Forever Safe, we’re having a giveaway to win 5 product keys to our Pro version that you will own for good to the best PC password protection software on the planet. In version 1.8 we’ve added a shiny new icon to your desktop where you can simply drag and drop files, folders, or programs that you want protected right onto the Forever Safe icon to simplify protecting your sensitive data. Make sure to enter to win below. Good Luck to all.


I’m happy to announce that my PC file, folder, & program password protection software has just released the new “Caught Red Handed” update in which intruders that have failed attempts at guessing your pin code or password will now be photographed via your webcam and instantly email you the picture of exactly who is trying to access your protected files. Forever Safe Pro Edition at the low, one time fee of $19.99 will protect all your files will ease with a great concept that is sure to impress.

Try the 7 day free trial or just purchase the Pro Edition copy of Forever Safe here to secure all your sensitive data.




  • 2 layers of security.
  • Never have to remember a password again.
  • Never have the same password twice.
  • The ability to input your password in plain view of anyone without them knowing. what it will be the next time the program is opened.
  • Instant email if a wrong pin code or password is chosen by an intruder.
  • Letters and numbers regenerate every time the program is opened.
  • Files cannot be deleted, moved, copied, or even renamed once protected.
  • No monthly or annual fees to own Forever Safe Pro Edition
  • New polished GUI
  • New pin code layer of security


Trust me after years of working from a computer and special

The most innovative Pro Edition copy of Forever Safe. Make sure to click the Cnet tab below to download the 7 day FREE trial.


Get it from CNET Download.com!





The new Forever Safe version 1.8 has been uploaded to all the major download sites at Cnet, Softonic, and Softpedia with the new update prompt to make sure owners are always up to date with fresh new features at all times. Enjoy






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