Update: Version 1.6 will be live shortly and has revamped its GUI and added a pin code layer of security rather than choosing colors for a better user experience. Once again making Forever Safe the #1 file, folder, & program password protection software this side of Mars.

Cutting edge PC file and folder security that you will literally wonder where this has been the entire time you’ve owned your computer.

So you haven’t heard of Forever Safe yet? Well let me tell you some of the awesome features that the powerhouse PC file, folder, and program protection software does and certainly why you need it.

  • 2 layers of security.
  • Never have to remember a password again.
  • Never have the same password twice.
  • The ability to input your password in plain view of anyone without them knowing. what it will be the next time the program is opened.
  • Instant email if a wrong color is chosen by an intruder.
  • Letters and numbers regenerate every time the program is opened.
  • Files cannot be deleted, moved, copied, or even renamed once protected.
  • No monthly or annual fees to own Forever Safe Pro Edition
  • New GUI
  • New Pin Code layer of security

The biggest and baddest new feature in version 1.3 is being called Caught Ya Red Handed. When an intruder attempts to access a secure file, Forever Safe will secretly capture the intruder via your webcam and email the person instantly. Now that’s security.

Using Forever Safe and its powerful encryption software will keep all your sensitive files, folders, or programs safe on shared computers, work computers, and everywhere else you can think of. Forever Safe has the power to protect any format extension and is certainly worth taking it for a spin on the 7 day FREE trial below. Make sure to pick up Forever Safe Pro Edition for the low price of $19.99 as noted above a ONE TIME FEE.


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WARNING: Before your 7 day trial period ends make sure to unlock all files, folders, and programs or purchase your PRO version to own this cutting edge security FOREVER…

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